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About Our Services

If there is "hay in your future", please contact us for your next delivery!

4M Farms has over 40 years experience in the hay business.

We offer 1st and 2nd cuttings of:

  • Timothy hay
  • Timothy/alfalfa hay
  • Timothy grass
  • Timothy/orchard grass
  • Timothy clover
  • Alfalfa
  • Alfalfa/mixed hay
  • Straw - wheat /rye/ barley
  • Mulch hay for contractors and hydroseeding projects

Bale weight can range from 35 lbs. per bale to 75 lbs. per bale (small squares).

Loads can range from 600 - 800 bales a load.  We use 53 ft. van trailers and 53 ft. open trailers.



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